24: Tune & See with Revenue Grid’s Vlad Voskresensky
Sales Tech PodcastDecember 06, 2021
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24: Tune & See with Revenue Grid’s Vlad Voskresensky

Tune & See with Revenue Grid’s Vlad Voskresensky

Vlad Voskresensky is the co-founder and CEO of Revenue Grid, a leading AI Guided Selling Platform that nudges sales teams with step-by-step guidance towards actions that bring the best results, shows deals at risk, and prioritizes tactics with the greatest impact.

Vlad has been driving the product vision and leading the company’s technology direction for over a decade, reinforced with more than 20 years of deep expertise in connecting enterprise (CRM systems) and personal environments.

Vlad gained numerous helpful insights while collaborating with such tech giants as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, as well as other Fortune 100 companies in the field of business workflows automation, sales enablement, sales, and service acceleration.

Today, Scott and Vlad sit down to talk all about the work Vlad is doing at Revenue Grid, what it means to embrace the rise of sales technology, and what the best sales organizations are implementing to excel in this competitive industry. Vlad dives deep and explains the difference between Guided Selling and Revenue Intelligence. Scott and Vlad discuss the importance of relationship building and differentiation in sales.

Finally, Vlad speaks to productivity trends he has noticed in other organizations, the ‘why’ behind data, and the challenges of adapting to our new world and society that has increasingly become remote.

What We Covered:

00:54 – Scott introduces today’s guest, Vlad Voskresensky 01:07 – The top three things Vlad has noticed about the best sales leaders and organizations 01:45 – Number One: Differentiation 02:29 – Number Two: Implementing the Latest Tech Stack 03:25 – Number Three: Adapting to this new ‘Remote World’ 04:05 – Vlad expounds on his background and his company, Revenue Grid 08:31 – ‘Revenue Intelligence’ vs. ‘Guided Selling’ 14:03 – The rise of Sales Ops roles and increasing tech stack 18:27 – Scott takes a moment to promote the upcoming Sales Tech Expo 20:28 – What’s missing from the current sales tech stack 21:49 – Why all conversations are not created equal 25:17 – Relationship building and other best practices for differentiation 28:23 – Vlad reiterates the importance of Sales Operations 30:57 – Trends Vlad has noticed that organizations utilize to increase productivity 34:06 – The ‘Why’ behind the data 38:07 – Zoom vs. audio-only phone calls 43:58 – How listeners can learn more about Revenue Grid 44:35 – Scott thanks Vlad for joining the show today

Tweetable Quotes:

“I would say that there are three pillars of value in any revenue intelligence platform, and we are no exception. And these are: capturing the data from where it should be captured, putting the data into play and providing the meaningful insights for sales leadership and sales reps, literally guiding them through the next steps.” (04:34)

“Revenue Intelligence is the answer to the question, ‘what?’ While Guided Selling is the response to the question, ‘How?’” (09:05)

“You may think that your problem is with quality of leads. But then, after the analysis, you may figure out that the problem is with the quality of speech you deliver to those leads.” (21:18)

“There is one very interesting conversation I had with a RevOps guru. He said, ‘Look, there are no silver bullets which you may start doing in your sales org that others are not doing. And even if you find that silver bullet, the next day your competitors will be doing the same.’” (36:24)

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