21: Helping Sales Go from Great to World Class with CentralSquare's Julie Greenfield
Sales Tech PodcastSeptember 06, 2021
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21: Helping Sales Go from Great to World Class with CentralSquare's Julie Greenfield

Helping Sales Go from Great to World Class with CentralSquare's Julie Greenfield

Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Thom sits down with Julie Greenfield.

Julie is the Head of Revenue Enablement at Central Square, an organization with a mission to innovate on behalf of the public sector to create the broadest and most agile software platform to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing local governments today. Julie is passionate about helping others identify and reach their goals through the development of individual growth plans.

Today, Thom and Julie talk about the role that Revenue Enablement plays in an organization as it pertains to Sales and Marketing. They discuss the amazing technological leaps that have been made in sales and how it impacts how organizations operate.

Finally, Julie speaks to the importance of having world-class CEOs and Executive Leadership teams in order to foster a culture of innovation and better selling.

Key Takeaways:

00:46 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Julie Greenfield, who joins the show to share her background in Revenue Enablement

02:30 – Bridging the gap between Sales and Marketing

03:59 – How sellers can partner with people in enablement roles in order to achieve more success

07:10 – Julie speaks to why she believes there’s an aversion to the adoption of new sales technologies

09:47 – Trends Julie has observed in the world of sales technology

12:01 – Julie discusses the ‘Big Brother’ issue and speaks to the monitoring of sales technologies

16:03 – Strategies for getting sales professionals to utilize the sales tech available to them

19:02 – Fostering a team atmosphere in sales

21:05 – Julie speculates on the future of Revenue Enablement and sales technology

23:54 – Thom thanks Julie for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes:

“Revenue enablement focuses on all of those areas that touch the customer.” (01:35)

“Really when you talk with enablement professionals, we want to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our sellers. I’m trying to remove the barriers to their success. I want to maximize their selling time and minimize that dreaded time they have to do with putting things in CRM, following processes, whatever the tech stack is. That’s our goal. We want to partner.” (05:28)

“I will say that a positive of the situation we’ve had over the last year and a half is that a lot of people are really looking for learning. And of course, there’s the pivot more to virtual-instructor web training, online learning, self-paced learning.” (09:07)

“This remote world is here to stay. Embrace the technology, be able to set yourself apart by using it, embracing it and meeting the customers where they’re at.” (11:36)

“I’m here to help support [Sales]. I use this terminology all the time. We’re looking to help go from good to great or great to world-class.” (13:39)

“It starts at the top. It really truly starts with that world-class CEO. It starts with that world-class Executive Leadership team. They have to provide the culture, at the company level, that we are one team.” (19:24)

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