18: Gathering the Intel and Relationship Management: Tips on Becoming a Sales Rock Star with Sam Richter
Sales Tech PodcastJuly 12, 2021
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18: Gathering the Intel and Relationship Management: Tips on Becoming a Sales Rock Star with Sam Richter

Gathering the Intel and Relationship Management: Tips on Becoming a Sales Rock Star with Sam Richter

Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Thom sits down with his close friend, speaker, best-selling author, and tech entrepreneur, Sam Richter.

Sam is a tech and research junkie who utilizes his skills to help sales professionals leverage technology to improve sales.

Today, Thom and Sam talk about the importance of relationship-building, the role that data plays in the sales process, and why personalization and care really matter.

Sam speculates on the future of sales tech, including the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, and shares his thoughts on how sales professionals can leverage tools like LinkedIn and his very own search engine overlay tool, IntelNgin.

What We Covered:

00:35 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Sam Richter, who joins the show to share his background in journalism and advertising and the shift he made to become an author and speaker

06:46 – How gathering data helps sales professionals to close sales

08:58 – What Sam sees in the world of sales technology that is working

10:34 – How sales professionals can get better at relationship building

14:29 – Sam shares advice on how to get called back and creative ways sales professionals can leverage LinkedIn as a sales tool

20:20 – Sam speculates on the future of sales tech

22:47 – Sam talks about the search engine overlay tool he created called IntelNgin

25:30 – The important role Research plays in the sales process

27:23 – Sam provides his thoughts on if technology will ever fully replace sales professionals

29:07 – Sam provides one final piece of advice to sales professionals and sales leaders

30:07 – Thom thanks Sam for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with him


“What I talk about is how to find information on people and how to use it in ways that helps you develop relationships.” (01:23)

“Being an introvert, I realized quickly that if I could get the other person talking, then I didn’t have to talk. And that was my goal. But along the way, I also learned that the more I got the other person talking about themselves, the more I actually ended up selling.” (03:09)

“Sales technology has allowed companies, sales managers and sales leaders – to be blunt – to be lazy.” (07:12)

“It is really hard but you need to stay in touch with people in ways that are relevant to what they care about versus what you care about.” (17:03)

“LinkedIn is really a marketing tool. It’s a way to keep your brand out there.” (18:08)

“Technology is only as good as the people that are leveraging the technology. And the people are only as good as the process you have in place.” (20:52)

“Technology is awesome. Leverage technology to become more efficient and more effective. But, never forget that you, the salesperson, have the ability to connect with a prospect in a way that’s relevant to them.” (29:20)

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