13: Tenacity, Determination and Sales Enablement with HP’s Laura Welch
Sales Tech PodcastJune 07, 2021
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13: Tenacity, Determination and Sales Enablement with HP’s Laura Welch

Tenacity, Determination and Sales Enablement with HP’s Laura Welch

Episode Summary:

Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Laura Welch joins the show to discuss her experience in marketing, product marketing, training, and enablement.

Laura is an incredibly impressive individual, one whose tenacity and determination have helped her as a Black Belt, marathon runner, public speaker, and sales professional. In her current role in Sales Enablement, Laura supports and trains sales professionals to help them be more effective.

Today, Thom and Laura discuss how to effectively measure sales enablement, the technologies that are threatening the modern sales professional, and actions sales professionals can take to remain relevant in the ever-evolving world of sales tech. Laura speaks to what excites her most about the future of sales tech and provides advice on how to be the most successful person you can be.

What We Covered:

00:46 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Laura Welch who joins the show to talk about her sales journey and what makes her great at sales enablement

03:59 – What sales professionals want from their sales enablement team

05:04 – How to effectively measure sales enablement

06:56 – Laura speaks to recent trends in sales tech she’s noticed

08:38 – Sales tech that threatens great salespeople

09:58 – How salespeople remain relevant in a world of emerging sales tech

11:48 – Laura provides tips and best practices for sales enablement

14:23 – How to get sales professionals to better utilize sales technology

16:06 – What excites Laura the most about the current state of sales tech

17:43 – Laura speculates on the future of sales tech

18:17 – Laura reflects on the Ted Talk she participated in and speaks to why it’s important to have tenacity in sales

20:38 – Laura provides tips for salespeople that can help them be more successful

22:05 – Thom thanks Laura for joining the show today and let’s listeners know how to connect with her


“You don’t stay in sales enablement long if you are not passionate that salespeople are the most important people in the company.” (03:19)

“What makes a great salesperson unique and invaluable is their ability to tell a story and relate and look at it from the customer’s point of view.” (07:23)

“The technology that is threatening salespeople is just Big Data.” (09:33)

“Salespeople are faced with too much technology they have to deal with. They want it simplified. If you can simplify things for your salespeople that is what you should do. And if you try to push out a technology and salespeople don’t like it, it’s not working.” (14:55)

“Surround yourself with people who are great at what you want to be great at. So if you’re a salesperson and you want to be great at closing, you want to be great at renewing, you want to be great at customer relationships, find people that are great at that, and do what they do.” (20:55)

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