"The only way I know how to build trust is to just engage with people and have genuine relationships."

From Episode 10: Humanizing Sales Tech with Smile Virtual’s Nick Capozzi

Clip Transcript:

The studies and surveys show that trust can be measured and when trust is high, companies make more money and people make more sales. So how do you get to that trust piece? And what are your thoughts on what I just said to me?

The only way I know how to build trust is to just engage with people and have genuine relationships. For me, the reason I was successful, I didn't learn. I learned how to be a salesperson. I was, in my mind, a radio guy first who was just there chatting up people on vacation. But I think I realized very quickly that because it was genuine for me and I was a genuine relational person who enjoyed that kind of interaction, people were more likely to trust.

Right? But again, I think what's interesting is that there's a lot of noise. And whenever you're presenting something to someone who's got a problem and needs a solution, there's so much noise out there that wouldn't you rather kind of chew the fat with someone that you could picture yourself having a beer with on Thursday night?


That's kind of the way they look at it. And I'm going to double down on something you said about people buy from people that they know, like and trust people also like people who like them.

And I think what's interesting is one of the things I always try and do is regardless of who it is, I'll try and spend 60 seconds, two minutes looking at someone's LinkedIn profile before, right? What are some maybe some commonalities even like let's get real deep on that. Certification. I once had one of the best sales calls I ever had because I noticed the guy had an association certificate to be a minor league hockey coach. We talked about hockey for 20.

That's all he wants to talk about. At the end. He said, what's next steps? Or, you know, I've been in situations where we look at those mutual connections and we assume they're industry people. Right. But I always take the time to look and I've been in situations where I'm like, hey, do you actually know so-and-so? They're like, oh my God, I worked with them for five years. He's fantastic. You're kidding.

That's my brother in law. So how did I get elevated up, this is true story, how did I get elevated up that trust tree by association of my brother-in-law? My brother and I are nothing alike other than., he's a great guy, but that's it. Right? So I don't know. I think there's something about that. And when you can pull that out and you've done a very, very minimum amount of homework, people like, oh, he must like me because he looked me up.

Seems simple, but it's very effective.