"I think the biggest thing that comes to my mind is just being able to do things in the background."

From Episode 8: Becoming a Sales Tech Stack Champ with Zoom's Brendan Short

Clip Transcript:

I imagine many of these apps that will be developed will be geared directly toward salespeople because so many of us use, you know Zoom on a daily basis to communicate.

And I think you're right, the world is opening up, people are getting vaccinated. But the reality is certain meetings we have learned over the last year, we don't have to get in the car and drive across town or get on a plane and fly across the country or the world. There's certain meetings where this technology of meeting via Zoom or your competitors works really, really well. And so I think that as you open it up to more and more apps, a lot of those are going to be sales oriented apps.

So how does that then impact salespeople being one yourself?

Yeah, totally. I think the biggest thing that comes to my mind is just being able to do things in the background, right? So what are what are the things that salespeople are doing that technology can augment, right? So notetaking is a great example of that. I've been an AE myself and I remember having back to back meetings, 8 or 10 demos in a day, 30 minute demos, writing stuff into my notebook all throughout the day. And then at 8 o'clock at night, I'm spending an hour putting all those notes into Salesforce so that I can update my pipeline and I don't keep things in my head very well.

So I do this so that I can let the robots do it for me. And so that's a good example of like if the notetaking app is really good, it can just take those notes for you. It's not replacing Salespeople, it's just augmenting what they're doing. So I think anything around the technology that they can do something in the background that humans are manually doing is where I first look to try to say, OK, that's an opportunity where I can help equip my team to make them more efficient.

They're doing this thing manually. The job's to be done are X, Y and Z. What solutions out there exist today or might exist in the future that can automatically do those jobs for the salespersons so that they can spend more time selling and talking to prospects?