"The way that we onboard new reps at Zoom, we use the three P's. So pitch, product and process."

From Episode 8: Becoming a Sales Tech Stack Champ with Zoom's Brendan Short

Clip Transcript:

There's a lot of stuff around sales where people talk about is that personal human to human connection as important in the digital world that we live in? And I've heard it said that the best sales techs really operate sort of as invisible so that the person is what is out front with the client. How do salespeople and companies and the teams behind them, how do they do that to make sure they don't get buried in the tech?

Yeah, it's a great question. So and I think that that can happen the way that we onboard new reps at Zoom, we use the three P's. So pitch, product and process. So pitch is a kind of sales one-on-one. Product is the product that we're selling. Right? So Zoom and the suite of products. And then process. This is super important for my role, for BDRs or SDRs. I think it's important for AEs as well, but certainly for BDRs to process the different screens.

How are using Salesforce and Outreach and ZoomInfo and all of these different tools within your quiver of arrows, if you will, but you can get lost in it. Right? And you can kind of get lost in paralysis analysis, right? Of looking too many, too much at the tools and not actually doing your job, which is coming to the right company, the right person at that company with the right message. So the end of the day, that's what we're trying to coach reps towards.

And the tools are just there to enable you and help you get to that place faster and more efficiently. But you're never going to replace the human interaction. So we want to just put that on the forefront.